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Now let’s tackle an old favorite.  We’re going to learn how to add a comment bubble to Thesis 2.  This was done using PHP, Hooks, and CSS in Thesis pre-2.0.  Now we can do it using the Thesis Skin Editor using HTML and CSS.  No PHP!  Hooray!  This turned out to be easier than I thought it would be.  Once again, I’m impressed with how much we can do with Thesis 2 without writing a single line of PHP.  Continue reading to find out how to create a comment bubble in Thesis 2.

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Photo courtesy of Odd.note

Let’s attract some attention.  In the last step we created a custom landing page.  Now we are going to create a call to action to draw visitors to our custom content.  Many sites use the Hello Bar.  For us just starting out trying to save money we’ll create something similar using custom HTML and CSS with Thesis 2.  We bought The Thesis Theme for WordPress for a reason, let’s put all that power to use.

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Thesis 2 CSS for img tags

Take a look at the picture above?  Can you tell the inserted image from the post?  Neither can I.  For the Complete Guide to Thesis 2 I’m using screenshots of this site for illustration purposes.  This can make it difficult to distinguish an image from the post itself.  To help with this problem I’m going to use some Thesis 2 custom CSS.  A strength that Thesis has always had is the ability to add custom CSS.  Thesis 2 goes one step further to make it even easier.

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