Complete Guide to Using Thesis 2 for WordPress. Click Here.

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In the last step we established a Google Analytics account, and got our tracking ID and script code.  Now we’ll plug these values into the Thesis 2.o WordPress Theme.  Thesis has made this very easy in the Thesis 2.0 upgrade.  If you didn’t copy the tracking ID and tracking code as highlighted in the last step, then sign into your Google Analytics account, click on “Admin”, then click the “Tracking Info” link, and you’ll be returned to the same place we ended up in Step 16.  Now, sign into your WordPress Dashboard and click “Thesis” in the left sidebar.

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Let’s step back from building the website and take a few minutes to set up some website tracking tools.  While these tools won’t help us attract visitors or style our look-and-feel, they will help us understand who our visitors are, and how they are using our website.  One of the best website analytics tools is Google Analytics.  Another great thing about Google Analytics is that it is FREE.  A fantastic tool for free is a big win for us.  The first thing we need to do is to create an account.  Go to and sign up (again, it’s free).  If you have a Gmail account you can sign in with your existing account.

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