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Step 55: Thesis 2 Meta Robots Settings

Meta Robots

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Thesis 2 Meta Robots

In Step 37 we looked at noindex options in WordPress.  In this step we are going to look at Thesis 2 Meta Robots.  I have found a difference in behavior for nofollow and noindex with Tags.

From the WordPress Dashboard click Thesis > Thesis Home > Site > HTML Head

Thesis HTML Head Menu Option

Click the gear icon the Meta Robots bar.

Thesis 2 Meta Robots

It will open a pop-up showing the available options.

Thesis 2 Meta Robots Options

If you expand all the options by clicking the black arrows you will see the defaults.

Thesis 2 Meta Robots Options 1

Thesis 2 Meta Robots Options 2

I’m using the Thesis 2 defaults.

A strange behavior I found is how links in the Tag Cloud are built and how tags are built in the posts section of the site.

Post tags appears as follows.

Thesis 2 Post Tags

If we inspect the post tags we’ll see the ‘rel=”tag nofollow”‘ option set as shown below.  We want this option as we don’t need the search engines to follow these links.

<a href="" rel="tag nofollow">Thesis</a>

The tag cloud is in the sidebar.

WordPress Tag Cloud

If we inspect the tag cloud links we don’t see the nofollow option.  It appears that WordPress isn’t adding nofollow to the tag cloud links.

<a href="" title="29 topics" style="font-size: 19.1111111111pt;">Thesis</a&gt

However, when we click the tag we’ll be taken to a tag page.  If we inspect this page we’ll find the following meta robot code.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow, noarchive, noodp, noydir" />

Notice the noindex and nofollow.  This will tell Google to not count the links on this page.  It seems we are covered, but I would prefer if the tag cloud had nofollow on the links just like the post tags.  The goal is to prevent the search engines from finding duplicate content from different links and penalizing us for it.

For now I’m going to leave the tag cloud in place but I wish WordPress or Thesis would place the nofollow code on the links.


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