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Step 50: How to back up Thesis 2 Skins

Thesis 2 Skin Manager

For Step 50 we’ll learn how to back up our Thesis 2 Skin using the Manager.  Backing up your skin is an important safety step for your site.  Most of what we have done up to this step involves customizing the Thesis 2 Skin.  Maybe you didn’t even realize it, but you were building your own custom Thesis skin.  Just like backing up your computer is important, so is backing up your skin.

From your WordPress Dashboard navigate to the Thesis 2 Skin Editor.  Click on the “Manager” button as shown above.  Next click on the green “Create New Backup” button.

In the pop-up, give your Thesis 2 Skin backup a name.  Then click “OK”.

Thesis 2 Skin Backup

The backup should run quickly and will now appear in Thesis Backups section.

Thesis 2 Backups

We’ll download the backup to our computer for safekeeping.  Click the blue “Export” button.

A popup will appear.  Make sure all the checkboxes are checked.  Click the blue “Export Skin” button.

Thesis 2 Export Skin

Your skin will be downloaded to your local computer.

Thesis 2 Skin Export

You have now backed up your Thesis skin.

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