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Step 44: Setting up Google Webmaster Tools for WordPress

Google Webmaster Tools

We are going to set up Google Webmaster Tools for our site.  Sign into Google Webmaster Tools using your Google Account.  Click the red “Add a Site” button at the top right of the page.

Google Webmaster Tools Add a Site

Enter your URL in the line provided and click “Continue”.

Google Webmaster Tools Popup

We now need to verify to Google that we own the site we are setting up.  Since we already installed Google Analytics on our site, we don’t have to worry about this step.  Just click the “Verify” button.

Google Webmaster Tools Verify

Our site is now verified.  Click the “Continue” link to proceed to your new Google Webmaster Tools account.

Google Webmaster Tools Site Verified

Congratulations, you now have a Google Webmasters Tools account.  Since Google has tied Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics we don’t have to do anything special to use it with Thesis 2.  Thesis 2 does provide functionality for associating your site with Google Webmaster Tools but this is obsolete now.

Using Google Webmaster Tools is beyond the scope of this step.  However, a great article on Webmaster Tools can be found on Search Engine Land, be sure to check it out.



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