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Step 32: How to Set Up Google Feedburner for WordPress

Google Feedburner

One of the more powerful aspects of WordPress is the ability to automatically build and publish RSS feeds.  RSS feeds allow your visitors to easily subscribe to your site using one of many different RSS readers.  Many new mobile apps, such as Flipboard, are also capable of subscribing to RSS feeds, and presenting the information back to the reader in a nice, visual format.  WordPress automatically generates an RSS feed that you can link on your site to make it easy for visitors to click on to subscribe.  However, I would like to track stats on subscribers to better understand how well my site is doing.  Google Feedburner allows us to set up a free account where we can plug in our RSS feed and it will generate a new link that hooks into Google Feedburner to track stats.  You can also create an email newsletter using Google Feedburner.  We’ll do this in the next step.

You already have a Google Account if you signed up for Google Analytics.  Go to Google Feedburner and sign in with your Google Account.  You will see a screen like the one at the top of this post.  In the space provided, enter your default RSS feed.  It will typically be your site name + /feed at the end.  Once you’ve entered your feed, click “Next”.

Google Feedburner Feed Entry

You will taken to the next screen (see below).  I usually accept the default entries supplied by Google Feedburner.

Google Feedburner Feed Burn

Another screen will congratulate you on completing the “burn”.  However, at this point, your feed is not live.  Write down your feed address as highlighted below.  Click the “Next” button.

Google Feedburner Feed Not Live

On the next screen, as shown below, check the checkboxes and click “Next”.

Google Feedburner Get More

You have now successfully set up a Google Feedburner account for your website.  As visitors subscribe to your feed, you will be able to check back with Google Feedburner to view stats of how many are reading and clicking through your RSS links.


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