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Step 31: Uploading Media in WordPress

In this step, I want to upload some social media icons for use in future steps.  We will do this using the WordPress Media Library.  From the WordPress Dashboard click “Media” in the left sidebar.  You will be taken to the Media Library where you will see an “Add New” button at the top.  Click the “Add New” button.

WordPress Media Library

You will be taken to the “Upload New Media” screen.  Click the “Select Files” button.

WordPress Upload Media

A pop-up window will open that allows you to navigate your computer for the desired media files.  Click on the file you wish to upload then click “Open”.

WordPress Media Upload File Select

The file will be uploaded and when complete, you will see something that looks like the picture below.

WordPress Media Uploaded

You will now see your social media icons (or whatever media you uploaded) in the WordPress Media Library.

WordPress Social Media Icons

It’s that easy.

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