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Step 2: How to Set Up Web Hosting for WordPress

The next step to setting up your own website is web hosting.  For this guide, we will be setting up hosting with a web hosting company that is not the same as our domain name registrar.  In Step 1, we set up a domain name (URL) with GoDaddy.  In this step, we’ll establish our hosting account that will allow us to install WordPress.

I like to use MDD Hosting.  In the past, I used a different web hosting company, as I wasn’t thrilled with their page load speeds.  For the price and features, I don’t think you can beat MDD Hosting.  In this guide I will only refer to companies I know, have used, and trust.  MDD’s prices are good and their support is great.  They use a different software platform than most web hosts, one that is optimized for speed.  I won’t bore you with the details.  This helps your web pages to load very fast, even at the same low prices that other web hosts may offer.  We’ll cover page speed in a future step.

Right on MDD’s home page there will be a button to get started.  For most folks, the basic shared hosting is all you need to get going.  You can always upgrade later, should the need arise.  Once you click that button, select the Basic plan and click “Order Now”.

MDD Hosting Basic


On the next screen, select “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do this in Step 4.  Enter the domain name (URL) that you purchased from GoDaddy in Step 1 and click the continue button.  From here, follow the steps to complete the order and your done.

How to set your domain URL with a web host


You just set up your web hosting.  Awesome!  In Step 3 we’ll install WordPress and we’ll be on the way to building your website.

About the author: I’m a techie, a gadget geek, a former programmer, and all-around technology nut. Currently I’m a business analyst for a technology company. I love what technology can do for us. I love smartphones and apps for everything. Building sites with Thesis 2.0 and WordPress help me to reconnect with the feeling of building something tangible.

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