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Step 12: Creating a Static Page in WordPress

WordPress Static Pages

Up until now, we’ve done a lot of tweaking of WordPress settings.  Now, let’s create some content.  The first thing we’ll create is a WordPress “page”.  We’ll create an “About” page.  This is where you can describe what your site is about, what it does for your visitors, and who you are.  Most sites contain some sort of About page.

From the WordPress Dashboard locate the Pages menu item in the left sidebar (see picture above).  Click “Add New”.  From here, enter the word “About” in the title box (see image below).

Creating a WordPress Page

Next, click in the editor window.  Here is where you will write your prose telling the world wide web about you and your site.  I hope to cover more on the WordPress editor in a future post.  There is too much to cover here.  For now, we’ll  concentrate on getting your site up and running with core content.  Go ahead and enter your content, I’ll wait.

Finished? Awesome!  You just wrote your first WordPress page.

A couple quick notes to make.  Notice the permalink underneath the About title line and just before the editor window.  WordPress will build your page URL once you click out of the title box.  If you want to rename the page URL you can click “Edit” and make your changes.  Also note that the URL was built using the naming convention you selected in the Permalinks settings.

There is much more we can do here but we’ll address these tasks in a later post.  For now, click the “Publish” button on the right side in the Publish box.  That’s it, your page is published live to your website.  Don’t worry if you can find it on your site.  We’ll fix this problem in a couple steps.

Read more about WordPress Pages here.

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