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Step 11: WordPress Permalinks Settings

As with several other WordPress settings pages, there isn’t much to change here.  The permalinks settings page allows you to control how your web page URL’s will be structured.  I always choose “Post name”.  As you can see in the screenshot below, this simply shows your page address as your site name, forward slash (/), and title of your post or page.  Other common structures include some form of the date in the URL structure.  I have chosen to use post name only as most of my content is not based on time.  If you were running a site based on current events you may want to use a date format in your URL to give your readers a hint as to the age of the post.  If your site content is not date sensitive, then you probably don’t want to use a date structure.  Using a date may imply that the page content is outdated and may cause the reader to move on from that page.

WordPress Permalinks Settings


You can find the WordPress Codex on permalinks settings here.

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