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Step 1: How to Set Up a URL Domain Name from GoDaddy

The first step to setting up your own website is to buy a domain name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).  The toughest part of this task is picking a URL name.  Most of the common domain names have been snapped up by resellers, or are in actual use on the web.  This often leaves you to make up a name.  Take this site for example, I wanted “thrifty squirrel” but it is selling for $2,495 by a reseller.  So, I started “Googling” for similar names and found Zizel which means “The Suslik“.  You can use GoDaddy’s domain search (see above) to determine if the domain name you like is available for purchase.  You may hear advice to only get names that make a phrase, or use full English words.  Many popular sites don’t
follow this.  An example is Google.  For tips on domain naming read this.  SEOmoz is a respected search engine optimization site.  I prefer dot com sites over  dot net, or other domain types.  Most folks type “.com” out of habit.  Also, you don’t want to buy a dot net with the same name as a dot com, as you may face their lawyers one day demanding you turn over your URL.

Now that you have your perfect domain name, you need to register it with a domain hosting company.  I’ve always used GoDaddy and I don’t see any reason not to continue using them.  They have been responsive with questions, both phone and email.  Many web companies don’t have phone support, so this is a plus.

GoDaddy will ask you if you want to use private registration.  I recommend this practice for privacy purposes.  A “Who Is” search on your domain will reveal your name, phone, address, etc, if you don’t take advantage of private registration.  Follow this link to see a “Who Is” search for this site and you’ll see an example of a private registration.

Now, lets register a site using GoDaddy…

First, we need to search for the perfect domain name.  Go to GoDaddy and right on the home page you’ll see something like this…

Searching GoDaddy for a domain name URL

Once you find an available site name you can add it to your shopping cart…

GoDaddy URL is Available

Next, you’ll be prompted to select private registration.  If you choose this option you’ll be prompted to create a proxy account which hides your registration information.  Go ahead and do this.

GoDaddy Private Registration Domain Name Prompt

Now you’ll go through the checkout process to complete your purchase.

GoDaddy Domain Name URL Checkout

Click the “Continue to Checkout” button shown above and you’ll land on the page shown below.

GoDaddy Domain Name URL Checkout 2

After you go through the page to enter your payment information you’ll accept the terms and now you own your own domain or URL.  Congratulations!

GoDaddy Domain Name URL Checkout 3

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