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Complete Guide to the Thesis 2 Theme for WordPress

The Complete Guide to Building a Website from Scratch Using the Thesis 2 Theme for WordPress

Important note: following this guide will show you how to style a site similar to this one.  These steps are meant to show you how to manipulate your site using the Thesis 2 Theme.  You will want to style your site according to your tastes.

WordPress just might be the best off-the-shelf tool for building websites for personal and small-to-medium business use.  It literally powers millions of websites worldwide and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  It is easy to use and learn.  The web community around WordPress is huge.  Just “Google” any of the questions you may have and there will be 1000’s of resources available for reference.

One of the powerful features of WordPress is the use of custom themes.  Themes give you additional control over WordPress that may not be available out-of-the-box.  Not all themes give you the control and ability to perform the search engine optimizations (SEO) you need to rank in the search engines.  This is why I use The Thesis 2 Theme for WordPress.  Thesis 2 has taken the concept of WordPress themes to the next level.  Not only does Thesis 2 retain the excellent SEO features of the prior versions but it also re-imagines the interface for customizing a website.  Once you understand how to use Thesis 2 HTML, CSS, packages, and boxes you will ask yourself why you didn’t start using Thesis 2 sooner.

Below is a step-by-step guide to building a website from scratch using WordPress and the awesome Thesis 2 Theme.  If you follow each step you will have a complete website by the time you are finished.

Table of Contents

Keep checking back.  We aren’t done yet.  As new steps are posted they will be added to this list to make them easy to find.