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Just a quick post to let everyone know that the much awaited DIY themes Pearsonified has been released.  I am looking forward to trying this theme and seeing what it has to offer.


I have just installed Thesis 2.1 theme update.  This is the official release and not the beta.  So far, so good.  There are lots of subtle changes and several items have been moved.  The menus are a little different too.  What I’m most excited about is the release of the upcoming responsive skins.  There is a responsive Classic skin included in the Thesis 2.1 update but the forums I read suggest waiting for the release of the Pearsonified skin so this is what I’m going to do.  I have not used this update enough to write a comparison to 2.0 but my site still works so that part is good.

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Firefox Display

Can you find all the wrong things with this picture?  The “Complete Guide to Thesis 2” badge is overlaying the “Subscribe And Follow” background color.  The search box is completely outside of the sidebar.  These are the kinds of things that can happen when you don’t test your changes in other browsers.  I can’t believe I left my site in this state for two weeks.  Hangs head in shame…

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Google Page Speed

DIY Themes make the claim that Thesis 2 loads fast.  They may be right.  Google is now incorporating site speed in search engine rankings.  This means that we need a fast web host and fast software.  There isn’t much we can do to make WordPress faster.  Or is there?  While building this site I ran a couple speed tests, just for fun, using Google’s page speed analyzer.  I was very surprised by the results.

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A defense of Thesis 2

Thesis 2 HTML CSS Page

My first blog entry will be a defense of Thesis.  A point/counterpoint.  The review I’m reacting to was posted by Samuel Chan on Google+.  The great thing about opinions is that they are subjective.  We can each have our own without necessarily being wrong or holding it against each other.  I don’t know Mr. Chan but respect his site and opinion.  However, I will attempt to counterpoint Mr. Chan.

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