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Please take the short survey below and let me know if you would be willing to pay for a full video tutorial on using Thesis 2 with a responsive skin.  The tutorial would include between 70-100 videos for creating a custom website from scratch using the These 2 theme along with a responsive skin.

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Going out of Business

I’ve come to the sad realization that it’s probably time to shut ThriftyZizel down.  I’ve not been able to keep up with all of the changes with 2.x and I don’t want to be a disservice to the Thesis community.  The site was born when I needed to build a site for my wife.  I had used Thesis 1.x in the past and when I went to set up her site, 2.0 had just been released.  I thought that I should build a tutorial site and document all of the steps required to set up a basic WordPress site using the Thesis theme.  I had a lot of fun doing it.  Each step [click to continue…]


Just a quick post to let everyone know that the much awaited DIY themes Pearsonified has been released.  I am looking forward to trying this theme and seeing what it has to offer.


Thesis 2 Classic Responsive Theme

ThriftZizel has switched to the Thesis 2 Classic Responsive Theme.  I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by this change.  Not because it is all that hard to do, but because of the way theme switching used to be done.  Let me explain.  In the past there were a couple popular ways to test out a new theme:

  • Set up a test site at a new URL (domain) to test your changes.  When you were done, you would have to make sure you copied all the relevant files over to your real site.  It was easy to miss files and settings and end up making your site a mess.
  • Set up a test site “localhost”.  This means you would set up an environment locally, on your PC or Mac.  This has all the same problems as listed above.

Enter Thesis 2 and we now have a brand new way to do this.  Read on and I’ll show you how I switched ThriftyZizel from Thesis Classic to Thesis Classic Responsive.

[click to continue…]


I have just installed Thesis 2.1 theme update.  This is the official release and not the beta.  So far, so good.  There are lots of subtle changes and several items have been moved.  The menus are a little different too.  What I’m most excited about is the release of the upcoming responsive skins.  There is a responsive Classic skin included in the Thesis 2.1 update but the forums I read suggest waiting for the release of the Pearsonified skin so this is what I’m going to do.  I have not used this update enough to write a comparison to 2.0 but my site still works so that part is good.

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